What can you get for $75,800?

The one thing I really hate about politics is the money part. Yes, of course I know about the First Amendment, and yes, of course both political parties are up to their eyeballs scrambling for every dollar that is not tied down…but that doesn’t mean that I like it. I hate the idea that money buys you access and thus a voice. If you give a lot of money, you get access. If you don’t have the money….and if you are working 24/7 to try and save your job or your business..you don’t have access. That is just plain lousy.

So to answer the question, what can you buy for $75,800? You can be one of President Obama’s “Presidential Partners.” It is a joint project with the DNC. (And yes, of course the Republicans have some gimmick, too.) The LA Times reports today that already President Obama and signed up 115 to be his Presidential Partner.

(By the way, Karl Rove founded a group called Crossroads GPS. They are and have raised a lot of money, too.)