MS/NBC Chris Matthews’ Rep. Bachmann moment ! Believe it or not, he takes credit for Rep. Bachmann!

Chris Matthews

I can’t help but repost an earlier GretaWire posting about MS/NBC’s Chris Matthews Congresswoman Michele Bachmann moment.  (What is wrong with these cable guys?)   This re-posting sort of fits in with the prior postings about FNC Chris Wallace and CNN’s Eliot Spitzer. 

Believe it or not, MS/NBC’s Matthews takes credit for Rep Bachmann’s success.  (And yes, it is bad enough that many women do the “heavy lifting” –  Matthews’ executive producer is a woman –  and don’t get credit but does Matthews have to try and steal the credit?)

Below is lifted from Politico. I know some guys take credit for just about anything…but this might just top it…Chris Matthews created Bachmann??

QUOTE OF THE DAY – “Bachmann, I think we sort of created her here, so we have a sense of having launched her career from a small town called ‘Hardball,’ years ago.” -MSNBC host Chris Matthews, ahead of the New Hampshire debate