CNN Eliot Spitzer calls Rep Michele Bachmann a “fringe” candidate? says he doesn’t take her seriously?

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Should CNN’s Eliot Spitzer be saying this about Representative Michele Bachmann?

First,  FNC’s Chris Wallace asked the “flake” question (and I immediately blogged about it!!  I thought the question bad.)

….and now CNN’s Eliot Spitzer just said he does not take Congresswoman Bachmann seriously and that she is a “fringe” candidate….[8pm hour/CNN]

What do you have to say about what CNN’s Spitzer is saying? that he does not take Congresswoman Bachmann seriously? that she is a “fringe” candidate?

Maybe Spitzer did not see the recent Iowa Des Moines Register poll?   Can you be fringe and be tied for first place with Gov Romney?   You tell me…is Spitzer right? or did he just slip and let us know more about him and not her?