WIS CHIEF JUSTICE SHIRLEY ABRAHAMSON and Justices Prosser and Bradley should GO

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson

The more I read about the Wisconsin Supreme Court (and tune in tonight to ON THE RECORD at 10pm where we will be reporting about it), and the more I think that Justice Prosser and Chief Justice Abrahamson and Justice Bradley should step down.  To protect the integrity of the Court, they should go.  Enough is enough.

If Justice Prosser put his hands on Justice Bradley, he should be charged criminally.  You would be.  Call the police on him.   Let it get handled the way it should – through the criminal justice system (which of course the Supreme Court oversees!)

If Justice Bradley charged Justice Prosser, she should also be charged with assault. If not, she should step down simply for being part of this ridiculous in chambers fight and in order to make a very public statement that the Wi Supreme Court is not a political branch but the justice one – the one that enforces and interprets the laws for the citizens.  It is bizarre what she was part of and, even if her behavior was not criminal, what in the world was she doing being part of this scene?  I have never seen such conduct in any of my work places.  She also did something really weird….she “snitched” on Justice Prosser in an email about something Prosser said about the Chief Justice and then it mysteriously got leaked to the media…hhm.   This is so 7th grade, isn’t it?

And finally the Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson…she should step down immediately for the benefit of the citizens of the state.  She is not leading – she is collecting allies.  It is no secret that the Wisconsin Supreme Court, under her leadership, is dysfunctional at best.

CJ Abrahamson obviously can’t lead the court (fist fights in chambers? leaking emails from justices? really?)   But that is not all.. her dissenting opinion (she also concurs in part) which gave rise to this chapter of this dispute in the Wisconsin Supreme Court shows a personal vendetta she carries.  That is not a leader.  That is not the job of a Chief Justice.  She may be legally right in what she writes in her dissent (I leave that for the legal scholars of Wisconsin), but it was petty to put it in a dissent in the manner in which she did.   In her dissent, among other things, she accused Justice Prosser of “story telling” in his concurrence.  Why did she do that?  You know why.  She tipped her hand – big time.  The way she wrote her dissent clearly showed a vendetta – looking for trouble by insulting a colleague and looking for applause for herself.  Her dissent was not the dissent of a person with an intellectual disagreement with the majority seeking to explain her difference (the honest reason for a written dissent.)  Her dissent was to get even.  It is shameful.  This was more evidence of the outrageous political nature of the court that she has led (and must take responsibility for.)

By the way, some time before Justice Bradley did her set up email about Justice that got leaked to the media, she sent an email to C J Abrahamson saying she was no longer willing to tolerate Justice Prosser’s behavior.  So why didn’t the Chief Justice handle things then? Because she doesn’t lead, and I think she was happy to have all the infighting.

All 3 should go.  If they really cared about the integrity of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, they would go now and let 3 others step in and do the job.