Where is the decency? This is DISGRACEFUL ! RACISM

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Below is the White House Press Pool report with a disturbing note at the bottom (see the orange text.)  President Obama is in Iowa today and the behavior noted in the note is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS !!

It part of our democracy to voice disagreement with leaders….but to be racist is absolutely disgraceful. You know I push for aggressive questioning of our leaders but I draw the line at decency.   Every time I read the orange text I get more outraged.  Where is the decency?  Is this guy proud of himself?

What disturbs me further is that the press pool report below doesn’t indicate any outrage by others standing near this man with his sign.  Was there outrage by others?  Or were others who saw it not saying anything?

PS – this was unclear to the pool?  really? what possible innocent explanation could anyone dream up to excuse this?

Sent: Tue Jun 28 15:27:18 2011

Subject: Pool 5



The president spoke for about 20 minutes at the Alcoa Davenport Works plant in Bettendorf, Iowa. The speech was open press.


Iowa Gov. Branstad, a Republican, attended the speech and was seen shaking hands with the president.


After the speech, Potus dropped by a youth round-table event being held on the Alcoa campus. It was closed to the press.


From Jay Carney: “This was one of 384 such events that have taken place across the country. They are organized by the white house office of public engagement. This is the fourth that Potus has dropped by. In today’s there were 10 participants – a mix of young men and women that included several small business entrepreneurs, two mentees in local Big Brothers/Big Sisters Career Navigators programs and a rep from the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce.”


The motorcade departed the factory at 2:10 p.m. local time.


Onlookers lined the streets, including three guys in La-Z-Boy-style chairs positioned close to the road.


Later in the motorcade, one guy was spotting holding up a Ron Paul sign.


Another guy held up a sign that read, “Welcome Chocolate Obama,” alongside a picture of his presidential portrait. It was unclear to the pool exactly what kind of message the guy was trying to send.


The motorcade arrived at the Quad City Airport at 2:25 p.m.


AF1 will depart shortly for Andrews.


One note on Alcoa Davenport Works – According to the White House, the factory is responsible for making the aluminum for the wings for Air Force One, both the big 747 and the smaller 757, which the president is using today.



Carrie Budoff Brown