Glenn Beck and Fox News Channel

Screen shot 2011-06-29 at 8.30.02 PM

This is Glenn Beck’s last week here at Fox News Channel.  Who would have guessed that an anchor in the 5pm time slot could generate so much attention but he sure did.  He managed to get everyone talking about him.   Almost every journalist I ran into from other news organizations asked me about him.

Now that he is leaving, I get asked non stop who Fox is going to replace Beck with and I don’t know.  When I get asked a question like that I think how different perception is from reality. People think we at Fox News Channel all sit around a room and brief each other and get briefed.   It is not like that.   Many of us aren’t even in the same city!  I am not privy to programming discussions or decisions – I am the anchor of the 1opm ON THE RECORD and I am happy to do just that.  I am plenty busy.

As an aside, when I was at CNN, it was the same thing.  I had no idea what CNN management was planning for programming but just did my job like every other anchor.