PRES CANDIDATE JON HUNTSMAN – have you seen this?

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UPDATE 7:51pm — Carl sent out another note and it said that slightly less than half of Huntsman’s money (see below) came from himself.  Huntsman also said he won’t be making any more personal expenditures…that it was just “start up” money.


Money matters big time in Presidential races.  The 2nd quarter reporting deadline is coming up but FNC’s Carl Cameron got this (below) first…


per carl cameron

fmr utah gov jon huntsman collected 4.1 million dollars, in the 2nd quarter this fiscal year. while that is in the same range as tim pawlenty and ron paul, hunstman did it in just 10 days… since announcing his candidacy. ron paul is a prolific online fundraiser and tim pawlenty had the benefit of the entire quarter to raise money

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