Senator Jon Kyl comes out swinging ! “spin” and “false”

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If you think the debt ceiling debate could not get hotter, you are wrong!  Check out the email I just received from my FNC colleague Trish Turner from Capitol Hill:

Subject: URGENT: Kyl says WH “spin” is “false” on debt talks — GOP has agreed to revenue increases


Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz, who will travel to the White House for debt talks with the president Thursday, just took to the floor to proclaim the White House rhetoric that Dems have given everything and Republicans nothing in the debt talks as “false,” and said Republicans have agreed to revenue increases – on the mandatory side of the ledger (like w/ Medicare) – just not tax hikes.

Kyl called it “spin” and revealed some of the inside info on what the BIDEN talks had advanced —- talks Kyl was a part of. He said negotiators NEVER talked about specifics in discretionary spending cuts. They merely talked about “a top line number” (in Appropriations parlance – this is called a “302A allocation”).







17:45:57 The negotiations that biden presided over talked about 2 diff kinds of savings

17:46:07 ON discretionary side – and on mandatory side, that’s like Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare

17:46:23 If the savings WH attempting to portray as all coming from DEM provisions…if say coming from discretionary

17:46:42 False statement. What we’ve talked about is setting top line number, 302a allocation

17:46:51 But there’s been no discussion of where those savings come from

17:47:02 So wrong to say…Dems made all the concessions. THere have been


17:47:10 If it’s the mandatory side talking about — -it’s true. Had lot of discussion about changes in savings in way we operate

17:47:26 We’re not talking about any major reform of Medicare

17:47:32 But if i could talk about something broadly as waste, fraud and abuse…17:47:47 In terms of revenue increases on that side of the ledger (mandatory spending) – i would point out b/n $153b & $200b – actually comes from increased revenues

17:48:06 So when WH says need revenue increases — revenue has been on table.

17:48:16 We’re not talking increasing taxes

17:48:20 But if govt sells something- that’s revenue

17:48:26 If add up revenues agreed to — it’s b/n $150 & $200b

17:48:39 So it’s simply false to say we havent agreed to revenue

17:48:46 Also talked spending reductions — or less growth in spending

17:48:56 About 60% of those…are concessions Rs have made. About 40% Dems

17:49:09 BUt the fact is – both sides have made concessions. But even if you say 50-50 — fact is, Rs have made as many

17:49:26 And the fact is, agreed to cuz we’re in dire circumstances

17:49:43 We’re willing to make circumstances

17:49:48 Net affect — i think it’s 60-40 our side

17:49:56 FAct is — it is false and misleading for WH to suggest all concessions made by Dems and none by Rs. THat’s simply false


17:50:14 2nd thing wrong w/ spin — as Rubio said, bad ideas should be off table

17:50:26 And it is a bad idea to raise taxes on an econ already sick.


17:51:56 So this isnt about shared sacrifice…We’re not talking about austerity but prosperity

17:52:10 Talking about putting Americans back to work. Worst medicine for sick econ is tax hikes…Not because i have some interest in protecting some Hollywood movie millionaire. First of all, he’s probably not my pol party…But not raise taxes on small biz