CLUB FOR GROWTH is warning..and slapping Senator Mitch McConnell

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The Club for Growth is flexing its muscle !  See below the press release telling (warning?) Republicans to vote no on fellow Republican Senator (Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell’s contingency proposal for handling the debt ceiling crisis.  The Club for Growth is powerful, but how powerful? We shall see.

Do you know the source of their power? Money.  They have lots of it and they provide Republicans with funds for their campaigns.  I imagine that any Republican voting contrary to their desire will find his or her funding cut off.

(And yes, the Democrats have their sugar daddies, too.)

Stay tuned..


Club for Growth Says McConnell Deal Is Everything That’s Wrong With Washington

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “This proposal is a dereliction of duty by Senator McConnell and everything that’s wrong with Washington.


Washington, DC – The Club for Growth today announced opposition to the “contingency deal” for raising the debt limit by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The Club for Growth also announced that it will score the McConnell “contingency deal,” in any form, on its 2011 Congressional Scorecard and will recommend that lawmakers vote “NO”. The Club is opposing the deal for the following reasons:


1) The McConnell deal doesn’t put America on a sustainable fiscal path and isn’t based on free-market conservative principles. It simply shifts the blame to Democrats – a terrible reason for selling out America’s future and everything that’s wrong with Washington.

2) The Treasury has more than enough cash on hand to service its debt, so the “default” date of August 2nd is meaningless.

3) The McConnell deal could lead to Obama getting a clean debt ceiling increase without any meaningful spending cuts.

4) This is a political deal that violates the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” pledge supported by the Club for Growth and dozens of other conservative groups.


“This proposal is a dereliction of duty by Senator McConnell and everything that’s wrong with Washington,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “It’s nothing more than a legislative maneuver by so-called Republicans to avoid responsibility for America’s spending problem. RINOs should be under no illusions: voting for the McConnell deal is the same as voting to raise the debt ceiling with nothing in return. The American people didn’t send more Republicans to Washington so they could give President Obama more power. This backroom deal is just another sellout of the free-market principles that make America strong.”


The Club for Growth is currently running a national TV ad campaign encouraging Republicans to “show some spine” and oppose raising the debt ceiling without spending cuts and a Balanced Budget Amendment. To view the Club for Growth’s new TV ad, click here or go to