Huh ? This is not remotely like anything I have seen at Fox

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[Correction the video is not FROM MS/NBC but OF someone who just left MS/NBC.]

I just watched a MS/NBC video of someone I had never seen before on MS/NBC.  His name is Cenk Uyghur. Until about a week ago (I think a week) he had a show on MS/NBC at 5pm.  The reason I had never seen him is that I am way too busy to watch much tv news other than Fox News Channel after about 3pm when I am in my office working on OTR at 10pm and have my TV tuned to Fox in the background.

Apparently Uyghur has been dumped from MS/NBC and in the video from his last show he makes plain he is a disgruntled now former employee.  Rightfully ? or not ?   Only those inside MS/NBC know.

But what struck in me watching the video of  his last show is either he is a big liar (the allegations  he made about MS/NBC in his video were stunning) or things are very different over at MS/NBC than they are here at Fox News Channel.  He complained that MS/NBC management told him what to do on his news show (what to say) and even how to act.  He also says that MS/NBC got pressure from Washington (suggesting the White House.)

I have absolutely no way of knowing if what this now ex host says about MS/NBC is true.  Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone telling Rachel Maddow what to say or do.  Whether you agree with her politically or not, you have to agree that she is strong in her convictions.  She is not going to take marching orders from anyone….ever!

But what prompted me to write this blog is how different Fox News Channel is from the description this guy gives of MS/NBC.

I know outsiders to Fox (a/k/a critics) think it is Fox anchors (and not MS/NBC or CNN) who sit around drinking the kool-aid and taking marching orders from management but here is the truth:  no one in the 9 1/2 years I have been at Fox has ever told me what to say or do on ON THE RECORD at 10pm.

Every time I read those paranoid comments from our critics I think, where do they come up with this stuff? When do they even think these conversations of command influence could even occur?  Do they have any idea how busy we are doing a live hour long news show every single night?  Have you noticed our non stop travel? all the blogging?

I do have one other thought: why did MS/NBC give the now ex host the last 10 minutes of his show to trash them?  What was the point of that?   Surely the producers knew that was coming …..