Dems are already trying to fundraise from Speaker Boehner quitting negotiations…tacky?

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I suppose it is predictable but pretty tacky.  While the country is worried about the debt ceiling, the Democrats have already sent out the fundraiser letter below.   Maybe the Republicans have, too, but I have not seen one.

The mere fact that they are trying to capitalize on this crisis is really lame…do you agree? [FNC’s Chad Pergram forwarded me this fundraiser letter below]

[Dear *******],

This is inexcusable.


Earlier this evening, Republican Speaker John Boehner quit negotiations with President Obama, refusing to raise the debt ceiling to secure tax breaks for big oil companies and his billionaire jet-owning friends.


It’s now clearer than ever that Republicans won’t say yes to anything and would rather see our economy fall into catastrophic default than offend Grover Norquist and the Tea Party fringe by asking billionaires to pay their fair share.


Enough is enough. If Republicans would rather carry water for big oil companies and shadowy special interests than work on behalf of ordinary Americans, we are going to make sure their constituents know about it.


The DCCC is launching a hard-hitting advertising campaign starting this weekend and continuing through August to hold Republicans accountable.


Contribute $3 or more immediately to our Emergency Rapid Response Fund >>


Thank you for standing with us.


Robby Mook

DCCC Executive Director


P.S. President Obama has been left at the altar several times now. Stubborn Republicans in the House are playing chicken with our economy in a dangerous and reckless ploy to preserve tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans while balancing our budget on the backs of the most vulnerable. Make the truth known now. Contribute to our Rapid Response efforts now >>