This shows you how frustrated everyone is…

Below is a very interesting note from my FNC colleague Trish Turner. It shows how frustrated everyone on Capitol Hill is about this debt ceiling and how it is being handled …



Sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

It’s rare she gets exercised about things around here, so this is a pretty significant, scathing criticism of the Administration, and to a lesser degree congressional leaders. She said she was so frustrated, she lost her cool yesterday w/ OMB Director Jack Lew.

AND — she makes clear, she needs to know a revenue number NOW, not later, “or there is no deal.”

“I don’t know what the deal is…
“It’s very frustrating. Sen Boxer and I represent a very big state…I would venture a guess b/n Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits… possibly 20 million or more people are dependent on these programs for their survival. We need to know what the cuts are…”

“We have to know some specificity. That’s why I have thought Reid-McConnell is the only way to do it if you wrap into that…the Gang product.”

Q: Admin giving away the farm?
“With me there is very big frustration. I like to know what I’m doing. It’s very frustrating.”

“That’s the beauty of Reid-McConnell – it gives us the opportunity to know what we are doing.”

Q: Weekend work? Or will u find out some detail of the deal?
“I would assume they have to move over the weekend, they have to introduce something…that everyone will have to stand up and salute. But I don’t know.”

Q: WH frustrating u?
“We had Jack Lew in yesterday, and we didn’t even know a deal was going on. We found out from the newspapers, and you guys aren’t always right.”

“I represent a huge state where huge numbers of people are dependent on us.

Feinstein notes major corps in Calif are laying off. She’s “very concerned.”

Q: Revenues a deal breaker? Have to be included now?
“Yes. I think so.”

***Q: U have to have a #?
**”Yes, u have to know revs will be part of it, in other words “X amount are revenues,” or there’s no deal.”***

**Q: Frustrations are high?
****”I’ve never seen frustrations higher. I don’t lose my cool, but I lost it yesterday in the caucus.”
Q: With Lew?

“We always knew what was going on (w/ Bush, Clinton)…none of that (information) is available to us now, and that’s not good…It doesn’t help you build a team.”

Q: And to be clear, you’re frustrated by what exactly?
“Not being able to get a straight answer from Jack Lew – are discussions going on or not?”

“And then u pick up the papers…It’s very frustrating.”

Trish Turner
Fox News Channel
Senior Capitol Hill Producer