Behind the scenes at the Capitol: Congresswoman Frederica Wilson !

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Just a behind the scenes note…

Because I am on Capitol Hill almost every day, I get to meet many Member of the House and the Senate.  I know just about all of them from all the years in this job and in Washington.  Some stand out as friendlier than others.  Today I met (in an elevator) Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and she was charming.

Here is how we met and what happened…

I did not know she was a Member of Congress when we first talked – she just was warm and friendly standing next to me in the elevator.  I admired her fancy hat and we just talked back and forth.  At some point I asked her where she was from and she only said Miami.  A bit later I probed further and asked what she does and she said “I am in Congress.” I said, “oops.”  I was embarrassed that I did not recognize her.  I apologized and she was gracious. She didn’t care.  I admired that she was friendly, not pompous and not annoyed by my ignorance.

As for the hat?  She has lots of fancy ones!