Senator McConnell “came out swinging” (President Obama should duck!)

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Below are some rough notes from my FNC colleague Trish Turner.  The notes are from statements made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Senate Floor:

Per Turner-


McConnell came out swinging today — hit Obama for lecturing more than leading; for being “the only one in Washington” still calling for tax hikes; and said Reid’s plan is about “pulling the wool over the eyes” of the American people.


Senate floor

Mitch McConnell

Last nite pres explained crisis as he sees it. His hope lift debate out of gritty

10:42:19 AM. Unforch situa Pres described last nite bears very little resemblance to the realities on the ground right here in Wash.


***10:42:30 AM. I know pres would rather give speeches about our problems rather than resolve them. But he wasn’t elected to talk abt the US, he was elected to lead it*** (ouch!)


10:42:47 AM. In our system of govt, deal w/ persons.. This is not a unique situa, other pres have had to work


**10:42:59 AM. Last nite the pres rejected not just the only proposal that has passed either house of Cong, he rejected the Dem plan as well, a plan that would increase the debt limit w/o raising taxes.*


**10:43:15 AM. Just a few days before potential default, the pres announced he’s only one still calling for a massive tax hike***


10:43:28 AM. In short, pres now clinging to 2 thgs we all know Cong can’t support — massive tax hike and


10:43:48 AM. As Boehner said last nite, that

10:43:53 AM. It was deeply irresponsible in my view Pres present falsce choice – tax hikes or default

10:44:10 AM. Real choice is this

10:44:24 AM. Rs have offered plan

10:44:28 AM. That’s why we’ll continue to push legis Boehner proposed


**10:44:41 AM. Maj Ldr proposed plan that’s nothing more than attempt to pull wool over eyes of Amer ppl**


10:44:58 AM. The next 72 hrs will effect every American


***10:45:08 AM. Pres can claim to be concerned abt pending crisis, but one question continues to remain..

10:45:18 AM. Where is his plan to resolve it?****


10:45:26 AM. Rs have proposed multiple plans.

10:45:34 AM. Time for him to put his electoral prefs aside


10:45:41 AM. Amers are waiting, Amers are waiting for him to do what they elected him to do – not to lecture but to lead



Trish Turner

Fox News Channel

Senior Capitol Hill Producer