Congressman Allen West goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm!

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Tea Party caucus member Rep Allen West goes ON THE RECORD at 10pm.  By the way, he took some heat for supporting Speaker Boehner’s bill last week….we will find out tonight if he is taking heat for today’s vote of YES !  In the meantime, here is his just released statement:


Rep. West Statement on Revised Budget Control Act of 2011


(WASHINGTON)– Congressman Allen West (FL-22) made the following statement tonight on the passage of the revised Budget Control Act of 2011.


“A year ago no one would have thought it was possible that the dominant conversation within the United States Congress would be about cutting spending.


For the first time in American history tonight, the United States House of Representatives raised the debt ceiling with equal to or exceeding spending cuts. It is imperative now that we alleviate the anxiety of the American people and our capital markets and instill a sense of confidence and certainty regarding our fiscal policy. This will assuredly lead to long term sustainable economic growth and American jobs.


The task before us now is to follow through with a plan that was a 70- 75 % common sense solution, and execute it to 100 % perfection. I remain committed to ensuring this is the dawn of a new era in fiscal responsibility in America.”