Senator Tom Coburn, of Gang of Six, is a NO

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Rough notes below from FNC’s Trish Turner and include the interview with Neil Cavuto.  The big news is that Senator Tom Coburn is voting no.  Check the notes for an explanation below.




First to Fox: Coburn tells Neil: “Oh, I’m a no.”

Fantastic interview – full of great sound. Love the part about the patient w/ pneumonia….and the answer to what McConnell said when Coburn told him he’s a no.


On Cavuto just now:


16:10:31 What i see w/ this is no cut in spending, a decrease in the growth in spending


16:10: Oh I”m a no. There’s no question


16:10:47 It’s like having a patient w/ pneumonia and treating them w/ tylenol and a cough suppressant


16:10:58 Have to cut spending, not grow it slower…And we have to cut out of the Pentagon.


16:11:32 This bill will not cut any spending at all


16:12:41 I think the Senate will probably pass this w/ 75 votes


16:12:51 It’s going to pass. It’s going ot get us down the road.

16:13:07 We will not get out of this problem….16:13:17 All we’re doing is delaying the severity…make the cuts more difficult


16:13:26 We’re just kicking the can down the road. You know what’s goign to happen next summer? That can is goign to come bouncing back and hit us in the shin.



16:13:35 He said please dont talk about it too much.