“Extremism” is the new “Exclusive”

Are we all cows?

I think we all could use a new book of synonyms. I am over saturated with TV people throwing around the word ” exclusive” and now The Democratic party has locked on to “extremism.” Are we going to have to listen to the overuse of that word for the next 18 months? There are synonyms for extremism that could be used so that it is not so obvious that someone has taken marching orders from the party but rather is thinking for himself or herself about the issues. I would think a politician would want to look like a leader and a thinker rather than a cow in the herd. Just pick a new word!

The use of the word extremism really got rev’d up with the debate over the debt ceiling but I thought it would get put to rest after Senator Marco Rubio took to the Senate floor and mocked President Obama by quoting his words opposing the raising of the debt ceiling when he was a Senator. (Search Gretawire for the video of Senator Rubio.) I was wrong.

By the way, this posting is an exclusive.