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Republican Senator Scott Brown did the unthinkable  –  he won Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat (yes, I know, it was not really his seat but you know what I mean.)  No one thought a Republican would ever win that seat in Massachusetts and Senator Brown proved many wrong.

Now of course all eyes are on the next election – 2012.  Will Senator Scott Brown get re-elected? Or will he just be Republican flash?  I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do know that things are heating up a bit for him in Massachusetts.  The Massachusetts 2012 Senate race is one to watch!

So what’s the news?

Just a short time ago in Massachusetts, consumer advocate and Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren (D) launched an exploratory committee and a website indicating she may challenge Senator Scott Brown in 2012.  You will recognize her name.  President Obama diss’d her as head of the new consumer agency by passing over her but she apparently returned home to Boston and is just getting rev’d up.

Professor Warren must be considered a formidable candidate –  Emily’s List has already indicated they will help her and the RNC is already criticizing her.

2012, GET READY !