Outside a Sam’s Club ? 2 decapitated and scalped ? HINT: SECRETARY CLINTON WAS RIGHT !

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Over and over and over again for last several years, we at ON THE RECORD at 10pm have reported about and put the spotlight on the ignored war — the one going on south of our border in Mexico and which bleeds into our country (people flee to our country, violence is exported to the USA, drugs are exported to our streets, and we feel sadness for the violence imposed on the innocent.)  I know we all care what happens far away in Iraq and Afghanistan…but why not the attention also to what is happening right next door?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (with whom we – OTR at10pm – have traveled to Mexico) made a statement a few years back that Mexico is like Columbia of 20 years ago.  At the time President Obama and the President of Mexico rebuked her — in essence saying she was wrong.  Well…she was not and is not.

I am not suggesting the answer to this war — but for starters, we could stop denying it.

Check out the article below….and outside a Sam’s Club?


5 Decapitated Bodies Found in Acapulco

Published August 20, 2011 | Associated Press


ACAPULCO — Mexican authorities say two decapitated and scalped bodies were left outside a Sam’s Club store in Acapulco and three headless corpses were found on the main tourist strip in the resort city.

Guerrero state police say in a statement that the bodies discovered outside the Sam’s Club were cut into more than 20 pieces. The skin on their faces and scalps had been removed and left in a woman’s purse at the scene.

The state police said the three other decapitated bodies were found Saturday in a car parked on the boulevard Miguel Aleman near a gas station 200 meters from the Sam’s Club. One of the victims was a woman. The heads have not been located.

Nearly two dozen Acapulco gas stations closed temporarily Friday in protest of escalating violence.