The media and Governor Sarah Palin

I did some research for my interview with Karl Rove for tonight’s ON THE RECORD at 10pm and I was surprised at all the recent articles about Karl Rove and Governor Palin.  Apparently the other day he made a statement about whether she would be running or not — or whether he thought she would run or something like that — and the media went wild.  He doesn’t know if she is running – only she does (and probably her family.)

Anyone who cover politics or is fascinated by politics or recognizes the importance of politics, wants to know who is running.  We know who the Democratic nominee, but what about the Republicans?  The field is growing…. and yes, we recently had some shrinkage (Gov Pawlenty.)

There is fascination about whether Mayor Giuliani is jumping in or not….whether Governor Christie will change his mind (seems doubtful) ….whether Governor Pataki is going to throw his hat in the ring…and the media is 100 per cent consumed with Governor Sarah Palin’s plans.  Is she running or not?  She sure doesn’t have to tell anyone but everyone sure wants to know…and some people are guessing like crazy.

It is amazing that after all these months, the media still can’t seem get enough of Governor Palin. Wherever I go, I get asked if she is running.  I have no idea.  If you watch my ON THE RECORD at 10pm interviews with her, you know I ask her the political analyst type questions (which is what she is at Fox News Channel like Karl Rove and other Fox political analysts) and then I always try to slip in an  “are you running” type question.  She has never said yes, she has never said no.  She is in a unique situation: she is a political analyst at Fox (and why I can book her) and meanwhile the media is speculating about whether she has other plans so I try and find out.  Who wouldn’t ?

As noted, I never get an answer.  I just try.  People think I have inside information.  I don’t.  I have no idea if she is running or not.

I assume if she decides to run, she will let us all know and it will be, like with every candidate, on her terms.  And if she runs, and if you think there is a media frenzy now, buckle up!