And to think I thought the President needed new economic advisers!

Screen Shot 2011-08-31 at 5.16.11 PM

He needs a new p/r team!  This is awful.

First the President says, “I have a job plan but you will have to wait until after my vacation before I tell you…”  Vacation first? that was dumb.

Second he flies (separately from his wife so the that taxpayers pay twice) to a ritzy island for vacation while 15 million unemployed Americans have to wait to find out his plan. Why not just release and THEN go on vacation so that Americans who are desperate could have some hope?

and then?

He picks next Wednesday night – the same as the long scheduled GOP debate – to ask to announce a Joint Session of Congress about his jobs plan.

Maybe more than a new economic team, he needs a new p/r team!!! He has such a tin ear!  This looks awful!

By the way, you know the first question at the debate will be about the President’s political mischief or most unfortunate coincidence and all 8 (?) GOP candidates are going to blast him and he will look pathetic.  They will go down the line on the stage with each taking a swipe at the President.    Who is advising the President?  It is a strategic blunder.