Update on “DATE-GATE” — here is the latest about President Obama and when he notified Speaker Boehner

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Urgent: Boehner spokesman says WH ignored protocol in asking to speak

Below is from FNC’s Chad Pergram-Capitol Hill


“No one in the Speaker’s office – not the Speaker, not any staff – signed off on the date the White House announced today. Unfortunately we weren’t even asked if that date worked for the House. Shortly before it arrived this morning, we were simply informed that a letter was coming. It’s unfortunate the White House ignored decades – if not centuries – of the protocol of working out a mutually agreeable date and time before making any public announcement.” – Brendan Buck, Boehner Spokesman


By the way, what provoked the above Brendan Buck statement?

See this note from my FNC colleague Ed Henry:

–Administration now pushing back on suggestions by Republicans that Speaker Boehner did not get any say on the speech date before White House announced it. “Boehner’s office was consulted about the 9/7 date before the letter was released,” a White House official emailed Fox. “No objection/concern was raised.”

–Pressed on whether this means the President is planning to push ahead on next Wednesday for the speech, the White House official said it’s “still unclear” at this hour.