I am awaiting the official announcement from the White House, but below is a sample of how Washington routinely and over the years (both parties) tries to bamboozle the American people.

There will no doubt be a big announcement soon that  President Obama intends to draw down 42,000 troops in Iraq leaving 3000 troops (the current total is 45,000.)  The President’s “base” will be pleased that he is removing the troops and so will many others.   This is a good political move (I will leave the military wisdom or not to others.)

But there is a ‘catch’ — and an expensive one.  This is why people hate Washington — it is when our leaders think we are that stupid.

While he draws down the troops…he is, per the AP, ADDING 8000 PRIVATE SECURITY CONTRACTORS to do the job done that would be done by our leaving military.

Do you have any idea how much MORE EXPENSIVE it is to send private security contractors than to have our troops do the job?  If the President thinks we need 8000 people there to provide continued security, why not use our military (cheaper) instead of hiring private contractors? You and I both know why…t

When the President makes his announcement about troop withdrawal, listen very carefully to see if he tells you the whole story and that includes how many contractors doing security work (military) are already there, how much it costs, how many more we are sending with the drawdown and that cost.

There are contractors doing jobs like building schools and bridges — but I am blogging about the ones who do the security, the military jobs that our troops do.


See below an excerpt from the AP:

There are currently about 45,000 U.S. troops in Iraq. Plans by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad call for hiring just under 8,000 private security contractors to protect American government offices and residential buildings in Iraq if the military leaves.”