Email from Tucker Carlson

With Tucker’s permission, I am posting his email to me after OTR.  Friends can get really angry at each other and the temperature can get raised high.  When the temperature gets raised really high, the knives come out.  Better friends, however, can rise above their anger and remain friends.  Tucker and I don’t agree on what we discussed tonight — but we can rise above it.  Tonight’s segment lets you pull back the curtain a bit and see what happens when friends get angry at each other.  Frankly, I get angrier at the people I like more than the people I don’t when there is a disagreement.   I know you and your friends have gotten really mad at each other.  Tucker and I are not unique in that department…but perhaps somewhat, even with a few bruises, unique in that we will turn down the temperature and walk away friends in spite of our continuing differences of opinion.



Thanks for having me on tonight. You didn’t have to, but you did, and I appreciate it. We both aired our views. A good segment I thought.


Anyway, thanks again.