The Daily Caller must be sweating — they can’t stop trying to cover themselves for their deplorable attack on women

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Check this picture out that The Daily Caller is spreading around on the internet.  Tucker must be really proud tonight of his employee who doesn’t get what was wrong with his vile and disgusting posting and so is now, but posting this picture, suggesting my interview with Tyson was like his posting – trash.  My interview was not trash.  I actually know the difference.

I interviewed Mike Tyson about his life and boxing.  Frankly, in many years on the air, I have interviewed all sorts of people including murderers – what I have not done is used them as a vehicle to spread hate and violence towards women.  That is what The Daily Caller does.

Nor have I used hateful and violent words towards women as cover for trashy work.   That is what The Daily Caller did.

Nor did I post a editorial note 16 hours later after I got caught posting trash and violence towards women to pretend that I somehow thought the posting was wrong in the first place and that the motive to post was pure. That is what The Daily Caller did.   It is very retro but didn’t work. (Note to The Daily Caller – you didn’t fool anyone.)

There is a reason why there was no editorial note posted about the vile nature of the posting until about 16 hours later.  They did not think it vile until everyone landed on them like a ton of bricks.  That is when they realized they were in trouble…having gotten caught for being…well, pigs.

You all know me.  Had Tyson said the awful things that The Daily Caller feels comfortable repeating, I would not have aired them.  I have good judgment.

I assume Tucker Carlson’s employee who is spreading the picture around internet is nervous and embarrassed.  The only thing he can do is slink around the internet….or he could apologize.  Frankly, if he did have the courage to apologize I might admire him.   It is hard to apologize.

By the way, it is important to try and put the brakes on trashy stuff that is written about anyone — including about men.   You know the difference between news and trash.

By the way, I will consider to fight the violence against women spewed by The Daily Caller until they stop.  (Tucker – you have a wife and daughters…you should stop this.  And if you still don’t get it, read some of the quotes from your website to someone you respect and see what the person – man or women – thinks.)