I probably should not get into this …. but really, is CNN really getting the heat for this? Silly !

I just read that CNN is getting some heat:

“…CNN is facing a flurry of questions from media critics nationwide after its decision to cosponsor a debate with the Tea Party in Florida..”


My thought?   The critics are silly.  The critics have way too much time on their hands.   Don’t you judge the quality of the debate largely by the questions asked of the candidates and thus eliciting information?

Wolf Blitzer  – a pro –  did a good job anchoring the debate and asking important questions.  To the extent others asked questions, as far as I can remember, I found them probative of the candidates.  Questions were asked…and questions were answered.   We got information.   Isn’t that what a debate is for?  To hear what the candidates have to say?  Does it really matter who asks?   Silly… silly.

So now there is hand wringing among journalists about who CNN teamed up with to ask questions?? Upset with CNN about that?  Really?? I don’t think CNN should spend one second getting down in the weeds answering the critics on this.

If you click on the link above, it is worth noting that no one is complaining about the substance of the questions asked – which is the point of the debate, to learn what candidates have to say.  No one is accusing CNN of asking dumb questions or not letting the candidate reply.