Marvin Windows — all American ! (what do YOU think?)

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I wish I had read this NYT article before a recent purchase of windows.  I have no idea what windows were put in (maybe Marvin?) but, had I known about Marvin Windows, I would have specifically asked to have Marvin Windows installed.  I like a company that bends over backwards in hard times to keep all its employees (see below.)  Yes, employees and employer at Marvin Window have had to make major adjustments but it is the working together on a solution that I admire.  These are very tough times and require smart thinking and frankly it looks like Marvin Windows is doing the right thing, not the easiest.  I love that Marvin Windows is called a “throwback to another era” — that is a compliment!  Here is the article:


“…..Marvin Windows might seem like a footnote in the nation’s economic ledger. It employs roughly 4,300 people, about 2,000 of them here, and has annual sales somewhere from $500 million to $1 billion. But what this company is doing — and, more to the point, what it is not doing — is worth knowing.


Marvin Windows and Doors is a throwback to another era. For starters, it is a private company. No public stockholders are complaining that the latest numbers fell short, that the share price is down.


What’s more, Marvin takes an old-fashioned, even paternal view of its role here in Warroad, where the Marvin family has run things for just about as long as anyone can remember. The company has cut employees’ pay and reduced perks like tuition reimbursement and 401(k) matching. Employees haven’t received profit-sharing checks in two years, nor have the 16 members of the Marvin family who work for the company.


But, unlike its top competitors, Marvin has refused to fire people…”  CLICK HERE