Meet The Press gets goofy – “exclusive?”

The goofy “E” word!

I just heard the intro to Meet the Press and the news show says it has an “exclusive” with Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Really, exclusive?  When is the media going to stop being so goofy and saying that (the viewers just aren’t that stupid!)

In the last 36 hours, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed PM Netanyahu, ABC interviewed PM Netanyahu and we at ON THE RECORD at 10pm interviewed Prime Minister Netanyahu.  (By the way, you can scroll back and see our interview with the Prime Minister.  It is posted here on GretaWire.)

So, Meet The Press has exclusive? I don’t think so.

What I don’t understand is even why MTP (and others) say exclusive for the obvious that is not an exclusive.  MTP is a really good news show so why does it diminish itself by saying the goofy?

(As an aside, I have not said the word exclusive on the air in more than 5 years because I know how goofy it is.  I have agreed to have it run in the lower third when it is truly an exclusive but that is rare and I have not said it.)