The Fox critics will have a field day with this one! Roger Ailes, Governor Palin, the new iPhone and “hot”

Here is more (below) from the AP story  that I just blogged about — the one reporting on Fox News Channel’s 15 year anniversary and domination of the cable news world. 

I know all the Fox critics will seize on the word “hot” (see below) and accuse Roger of all sorts of things. It will be a field day for the critics  – Roger Ailes, Fox News Channel, Governor Palin and the word hot!  But if you know Roger and how he wants his cable news network to be and continue to be the most successful (and it is and has been for a long time), you know his use of the term “hot” was not meant in a cheap way but rather to describe how everyone in the TV business after the 2008 election was trying to hire the Governor.   TV execs in every network knew she would get the viewers.   Yes, she was hot – just as you might describe the new iPhone!  (I am sure that comparison to the new iPHone will generate some criticism or discussion.) 

When you sought after by all in business, you are hot.  I remember after the 2008 election hearing about a bidding war for her among all the networks.  In this business, or in any business or sport, when you are part of a bidding war, you are hot…real hot!

If Roger were using the term hot in that ‘other way,’ and looking to hire that kind of hot, I assure you, he could have hired someone that kind of hot for 1/5 the price of Governor Palin and Roger does watch the bottom line.

Do I think for one second anyone who is a Fox critic or a Roger Ailes critic will believe me? No, of course not.  For some people, facts don’t matter – it is about who’s side are you on   Do I care that no one will believe? No, not particularly.  And am I posting this to schmooze Roger ? Nope..I have a long term term contract.  I don’t have to schmooze. (And if you know me, it isn’t my personality.)  So why bother to post it?  I guess some times you just think stuff is so stupid and will be taken out of context and you want to correct it.  Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I don’t.

Here is the paragraph from the AP:

“From the start, Ailes has steadfastly denied any such political bias or agenda on the part of his network. Politics, schmolitics: “I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,” he declares.”

By the way now that I think about it….don’t you think Sean and I were hired because we are smokin’ hot?  The fact that we have been #1 in our time slots for years in all of cable news had nothing to do with our hire – it is because we are smokin’ hot. (Just kidding…laugh!)