Senator Scott Brown and Prof Elizabeth Warrent BOTH “going stupid!” – it is a tie ! (And yes, I confess I laughed)

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Senate candidate Professor Elizabeth Warren fired the first shot — making fun of Senator Scott Brown’s modeling career that he used to pay for college:

“….a crack Warren made in Tuesday’s Democratic debate, when she was asked how she paid for college, given that Brown used his centerfold spread in Cosmopolitan magazine decades ago to cover the cost. Warren, 62, quipped, “I didn’t take my clothes off.’’

Warren’s crack was stupid as it invited a response and  Senator Brown took the bait and responded with an equally stupid remark:

“….Asked by the WZLX disc jockey to respond to her remark, Brown said, “Thank God [she did not take off her clothes],’’eliciting laughter from the DJ….”


Now the big fuss over who is worse:  she started it (say the Republicans), and he rev’d it up with his more personal remark (say the Democrats.)

What do I think? It is a tie and silly…both should move on and so should we.

And yes, I laughed.  Did you?


What do you think?