APPLE’s iCloud GLITCH ! Before you sign on to iCloud, read this !

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Years ago I got an iTunes account and I have purchased lots and lots and lots of music and movies (many of which I have not yet had a chance to watch.)  At the time I signed up for iTunes with my then email account and have used it ever since with that user name and password.  It has worked well.

Subsequently (few years back) Apple came out with MobileMe and I took the bait and signed up for MobileMe and used the MobileMe new email address.

Later the iPad came out and I synced my iPad to my iTunes account and thus had all my music and video on my iPad which is great if you travel as much as I do.

NOW THE PROBLEM: (and my warning to you)

Yesterday I updated my iPad and computers to the new operating system yesterday so that I can use the iCloud.  I wish I had not.

The new iCloud system — at least right now and as far as I can figure it out – won’t let me merge my iTunes library of music and video because they are seen as two different accounts since two different email addresses – my original and my MobileMe email address.

This means I now have an iPad with iCloud and none of my music or video.  It won’t sync.  I tried to change the name of my iTunes account to the MobileMe email and password and that did not work.  That would be the simple solution.

I now want to try and figure out how to get back to the old system – get rid of iCloud.  I want my music and movies on my iPad since I did pay for them and I do travel and want it for travel.

What do you think?