Now Congressman Henry Cuellar is making stuff up… (and to think I only thought he was rude!)

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Below is a fundraising letter Congressman Cuellar is sending out (or his staff is on his behalf.)  He is trying to leverage his bad behavior into getting money.   Read the letter.  

Let’s get something straight – never, never, never (not even once) did either General who was insulted by Congressman Cuellar ask me for help or for support when Congressman Cuellar selfishly (to advance himself) and viciously verbally attacked two former Generals (and Silver Star recipients) at a Congressional Hearing. 

These  2 Generals have handled far more in attacks (Hamburger Hill in Viet Nam is one example) than a weak Congressman seeking to make himself look tough for his constituents.  These Generals don’t need my help.  My guess is they thought that the Congressman’s personal attack on them was pathetic.  It was.  The Congressman’s only weapon was insults.  

I stepped up to the plate and asked that the Congressman apologize on my own — because it is the decent thing to do and the right thing to do.   I have the courage to stand up to a Congressman for these Generals.  I wish his leadership in the House had the same courage.  Where are they?  How we treat the men and women who have risked their lives for us says a lot about us, doesn’t it? 

 Congressman Cuellar asks for an apology from me (see below his fundraiser letter.)  He is not going to get it…not until he apologizes to these two Generals.

 Let me make plain another important point:  I have no problem with the Congressman having a different opinion with the Generals, or a different view of a situation.  I like a vigorous substantive debate on important matters and I think a vigorous substantive debate can help lead us to good solutions.   But I do have a problem with a Congressman who is so cheap as to make personal attacks on two Generals who have served our nation with incredible courage.  And let me repeat, they have 3 Silver Stars between them….is this really how we want them treated???  Is that what they deserve after what they have done for us??  

So what is Congressman Cuellar doing now?  He is sending out the “woe is me” fundraising letter saying all sorts of things except “I apologize to the Generals”   What a cheap shot.  



And where is his leadership?  Then need to take him to the woodshed.  

By the way, in the fundraising letter below is says, “help Congressman Cuellar.”  Yes, he needs help…but it isn’t dollars he needs.  Unfortunately you can’t buy courage and decency with money.  You either have it or you don’t.  He needs to take course in decency and manners.





Dear ___


Last week two retired Generals appeared before a hearing on Capitol Hill to explain how they reached their finding that the border area of Texas was a war zone. After failing to answer the most basic questions about their compensation ($80,000 of tax dollars) and their methodologies, they turned to Fox News to attack Cong. Henry Cuellar for asking these basic questions.


Now, with the help of Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren, they have launched an attack on Cong. Cuellar’s integrity. They even went so far as to selectively edit the video to downplay the missing data and false conclusions.


Help Cong. Cuellar stop these lies and distortions by clicking here to make your contribution securely online.


These retired Generals refused to admit how much they were paid, did not know how many interviews were conducted, failed to interview local sheriffs and police chiefs, and provided only anecdotal evidence to reach the false conclusion that doing business in border counties is like “operating in a war zone”.


As those of you who live in the border area, travel there or do business there know…this statement is 100% false and not based in reality.


In response, Cong. Cuellar stated “Business on the border is booming. False, baseless attacks like this harm our public image and weaken our economy by spreading misinformation that might discourage companies from doing business along the border. As a lifelong resident of the border and a pro-business, pro-jobs Congressman, I will continue to fight back against these attacks on our community, our economy and our character.”


Help Cong. Cuellar continue to stand up to the outsiders who are using attacks on the border business community to further their own personal, political agendas by contributing $5, $10, $25, $100 or more.


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Ms. Van Susteren and the retired Generals owe Cong. Cuellar an apology! They attacked the border community with zero evidence, and now they are attacking the Congressman’s character, honesty and integrity…again, with zero evidence.


It is our community, our reputation and our economy at stake. Stand with Cong. Cuellar today.


Thank you in advance for your friendship and support!




Jessica Hernandez


Finance Assistant


Texans For Henry Cuellar