California Controversy? What do you think?

Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing many of the same changes with public / state unions in California that Republican Governor Scott Walker got enacted in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin many people took to the streets and stormed the State Capitol in Madison in response to Governor Walker’s collective bargaining law changes.  Democratic Senators also fled the state and there was a giant political blow up.  That has not been the reaction in California to Governor Jerry Brown’s sweeping proposals that are much like Governor Walker’s changes.  Why the different reaction in California (at least so far?)  Some may say because Gov Brown is a Democrat and the unions put him in office and like him and thus won’t take to the streets or take over the State Capitol because they are furious…but I would think it would make the unions and state workers more resentful towards Gov Brown in that they worked hard to get him elected and now he is seeking to make sweeping changes that have a direct impact on them that they don’t like.  In Wisconsin, Governor Walker ran on changing collective bargaining and thus the unions expected it.

Your thoughts?