I know the President gets Air Force 1, but still….

I sure would love to have my own 747 like AF1…but not at the expense of losing ALL my privacy.   (See below from my FNC colleague Kimberly Schwandt)  Everyone in the media now has a copy of the President’s physical (I am not including the PDF that we have of his physical just to give him a bit of privacy.)

Can you imagine having your physical being eyeballed by everyone in the media?  I know he is the President, but you would think there would be one tiny zone of privacy….

Subject: President’s Medical Exam Released


WH released the president’s medical exam…


*This was his second exam as president.

*This was not on his schedule, but WH says exam was performed last week by the physician to the president.

*Says he is tobacco free, physically active, eats a healthy diet and stays at a healthy weight.

*He on occasion drinks alcohol in moderation.


*Doctor says he “fit at fifty” and “fit for duty”