Gov Rick Perry Supporter and pollster for a SuperPAC that supports Gov Perry is the Herman Cain source

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I don’t know if there is more than one source or not, but, according to Politco, Chris Wilson, a Governor Perry supporter and pollster for the super PAC that supports Governor Perry, worked at the National Restaurant Association and is the (a?) source for the Cain/sexual harassment story.   He said the episode of harassment occurred in a public restaurant in the 1990’s and that many people knew about it.

What is WEIRD about the Politico story and Chris Wilson, is that Chris Wilson would not or did not say what happened.  The only reason that ommission catches my attention is that sexual harassment is a rather “fluid” concept.  Some actions are OBVIOUSLY sexual harassment and some are NOT – and are merely actions misinterpreted or exaggerated.  Hence I would like to know what it is that people (Chris Wilson) say Mr. Cain did.   

Of course because Wilson is also a Governor Perry guy, his remarks (accusation) should be looked at with a discerning eye – and it is all the more important that he provide more information about what he claims Mr. Cain did.