Sell the LA Dodgers to the people – like the Green Bay Packers!

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The LA Dodgers are for sale – the victims of a rich guy’s messy finances and even messier divorce. So? How about offering them first to the community rather than have some rich guy scooping them up? The Green Bay Packers don’t have a single owner but instead millions of us. Shares cost $200 and all you get are bragging rights but it sure is fun to brag and say “I am an owner.” When I cheer for the Packers, I don’t cheer for some rich guy’s team, I cheer for my own team. I don’t live in LA but I would buy a share of the Dodgers so I could also own a baseball team. I bet many of you would buy a share, too. It really enhances the franchise to have the community own the team rather than one single person. I think it would help the franchise. Why not try it? We know it works since it has worked so well in Green Bay. Use Green Bay as a model.