Mr. Herman Cain should NOT take a lie detector test – it is NOT reliable and especially in a sexual harassment case. It will just create more problems for all involved.

Mr. Herman Cain was asked at the press conference today by a journalist whether he would agree to take a polygraph (lie detector test) or not.  The journalist who asked the question has seen way too many movies.  Polygraphs are inadmissible in criminal cases because they are not reliable in showing deception or not.

Can we be honest about something?  There is no way ANY man can pass (not show elements of deception) a lie detector test in an alleged sexual harassment case.   A 100 % innocent man is going to feel somewhat “guilty” when asked about his thoughts on the topic of women and sex.  I am not being flip – but rather looking for a reliable way to get the facts and attempting to be fair.

The best way this story can be possibly pieced together to determine what is true and what is not…is if Gloria Allred would release the names of the signatories to those affidavits she waved at the press conference and then the affiants submit to questioning.  What were they told? and when were they told?  The “when” is important…it might tell us whether the recent public accusation might be made up or not.  The “what” question might tell us whether there is now embellishment or even misinterpretation to what was said.  This is likewise important.

This is not to say sexual harassment doesn’t happen – it does – but a lie detector test is not going to tell us anything.  It is going to just distort everything.  It will only give us a few days of lots of media chatter and speculation.  That is fair to no one.