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You know how I love a good debate and a good discussion…..and I love reading all sorts of opinions.   I love reading articles/blogs by friends and family who agree with me on some issues (or all)  and disagree on other issues. I actually find it less interesting to read something that is the exact same as my opinion since it does not challenge me to think.   Often when I read something well thought out I review my own opinions – sometimes changing my view, or merely adjusting my opinions, and sometimes not changing my opinions at all.

Of course it is impossible for all of us to agree with each other all the time – I don’t even agree with my husband on all issues all the time.

So..it is fun that a good friend of mine, Lady Lynn de Rothschild, started a new blog called “LdeReport.”  CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT.   I am sure it is going to have me thinking and learning.  I also suspect I am going to find much I agree with her on.  We will have to see.

I also expect – from a very quick look at her new blog –  that she is going to direct me to fascinating articles.

I look forward to spending time reading her blog (you will, too.)  If you go to it right now, you are going to beat me to it.  I just learned of it minutes ago and I have to rush to the set to do ON THE RECORD at 10pm.  I am going to check it out as soon as I get home tonight!

PS – tell Lynn I sent you to her new blog!!