Do you realize how ridiculous the White House and the US Supreme Court have been about the new healthcare law?

Since day #1, I have stated the obvious both here and ON THE RECORD at 10pm: the constitutionality of the new health care law will be determined by the US Supreme Court.  

A year ago (or more) the Supreme Court, pursuant to its own Rule 11, could have reached down and ‘grabbed’ the case after it first was filed by the first Attorney General opposing it and decided the constitutionality of the health care statute.  Why didn’t the Court? I have no idea…it was so obvious that it was contested and that the Supreme Court is the only body that can declare it constitutional or not.

And the White House?  The White House dragged its feet and opposed any expedited consideration. The Attorney General of Virginia wanted his case expedited but the White House opposed.

 This constitutionality issues could already have been decided and should have been decided months ago.

As a result of the Supreme Court dragging its feet, and the White House opposing expedited consideration, much time has passed (been wasted), your tax money expended (wasted) to litigate in the trial courts and the several US Courts of Appeals, Judges salaries paid, clerks and law clerks etc…lower courts tied up spending time litigating it when other cases on other topics could have been resolved and Americans have been living in great uncertainty about something so important as their health care.  Would you not think this last factor – Americans worried about their healthcare – have been enough of a reason to do the obvious sooner, rather than later?  Doesn’t anyone care?  

It distresses me that our government plays us like this – remember, we pay their salaries. I don’t know how they will decide the case but I sure know when someone could be moving it much faster and when we are being gamed.

OK…so now the Supreme Court announces today that it is doing the obvious and the White House says it is pleased with the decision.  

Go figure…