Latest White House Press Pool report

Subject: Pool Report 2


Potus emerged from the physical fitness center wearing a White Sox hat, sweat pants and dark windbreaker, carrying his sneakers under his arm.


Your pooler shouted a question, asking for reaction to end of the NBA strike. Potus gave us a thumbs up and said, “Good deal.’’


Earlier, when the pool was led to rest rooms in the gym, we got a quick look at the game through a door leading to the court.


Looked to be a full five-on-five contest. Briefly spotted potus, in a grey shirt, as he appeared to be positioning for a rebound.


Motorcade left Fort McNair at 11:02 a.m. and arrived back at White House at 11:13, stopping for red lights. With no flashing lights, the motorcade didn’t attract much attention en route.


We’re holding in vans.