HUSBAND ADVISING? I think it is more like ‘living in Washington and knowing lots of people’

I am re-posting at the top of GretaWire in case you missed this.  And to those who are critical of me because of my husband and his contacts, stop for a second and think about my interviews.  Are you getting information? Am I fair ?

Under the headline….never dull….

Here is a partial list of my husband John Coale’s Washington friends:

Gov O’Malley (D)

Gov Palin (R)

The Clintons (D)

Speaker Gingrich (R)

Leader Pelosi (D)

Senator Santorum (R)

Congresswoman Bachmann (R)

Senator John Kerry (D)

Mr. Herman Cain (R)

…and perhaps my favorite, his fraternity brother Congressman Ruppersberger (D)!  [You should hear THESE stories!]

The list above of political friends is certainly not complete.  My husband has lived in Washington for a long time and has lots of friends and he makes friends.  You will note that some of the friends above are Democrats, some are Republicans.  What you may not know is that some of the above are even friends with each other despite political differences.

My husband has never worked for any of them nor taken a dime from any of them.  He is not a lobbyist (never has been) and he is not looking for a job.   These are simply his friends…people he finds interesting.  As friends, he gives them advice, and they give him advice….he tells them things and they tell him things.  I suppose his years as a lawyer makes him a good source for advice and just conversation.

It is all part of living in Washington.  Many in the media have spouses  – unlike my husband – who actually WORK for politicians and or in government.   Let me repeat, my husband does NOT WORK for any of them and NEVER HAS.

By the way, outside of work, I know these people, too.

So…it is with some interest that I see this headline below.  I know what it suggests to some.  I suppose to the extent anyone asks my husband what he thinks or would do – which is common to virtually any conversation any of us has in any walk of life – he advises.  He gets called a lot.  Chances are, you too, advise all day long as you have conversations with people.

I do think many in the media take this a tad too far with the headline below.  These are his friends.  It may also be hard for some journalists to believe you can be friends with people.

My critics will assume something sinister and so be it.  You listen to my questions and watch my interviews and you tell me whether you think they are fair or not.  You tell me whether you get information from the guests or not.



PS You should see the list of journalists who call my husband for advice!  I sometimes wonder if he is running a head hunter business or a job corps!  :)

7:30pm update:   I just remembered this….my husband, who has lost a lot of weight, has been “advising” some famous journalists (who you know) about losing weight and even sharing the name of his doctor.  They email and call him all the time for encouragement and advice and he readily gives it.  He loves telling them about his diet and he loves them.  Maybe my husband is a serial adviser?