Jay Leno, Ozzy, trips to South America, and the White House…and more ! Looking back 10 years!

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On February 4, 2012 (yes, 2 months from now), I will have been at Fox for 10 years.  ON THE RECORD at 10pm was launched February 4 and it has been an exciting 10 years for me.  I launched GretaWire sometime after that, but it has also been up and running for many years.  I think we are the oldest anchor blog and that means many of you are the oldest cable news bloggers.  

I thought as we approached the 10 year mark it would be fun to post some pics to remind you where we have been, and what we have done.  I have thousands of pics and so I will periodically post them between now an February 4.  This will be the first installment.

While it is difficult to go in chronological order (my pics are not in any neat folders but rather stuffed on all sorts of hard drives at work and at home), I am going to try and date the pics as well as I can.

So…here are a few to get started:

The first pic above was taken a short time after I arrived at Fox News Channel.  I went to LA to appear on the Tonight Show.   This was my first “road trip” on Fox News Channel and my best guest is that it was 6 weeks into the new job.

While we were in LA for Jay Leno, we went to the home of the Osbournes to interview Sharon and Ozzy.  They were in the midst of their ratings hit show on MTV called (what else?) “THE OSBOURNES.”  It was at the end of this interview that I invited Sharon and Ozzy to the White House Correspondents’ dinner.  Since I was new to Fox, I had not yet invited anyone and I liked them….so I invited them and what a wild night it was! Below is Ozzy:




The next pic was taken in South America  (Uruguay)  (2007?)  when President Bush 43 did an interview with us and then posed with all of us.  Some place in my pic collection is one of Tony Snow who was then the President’s press secretary.  Tony, as you know, worked at Fox News Channel as the anchor of Fox News Sunday..and then later went to the White House and then died a few years ago.  As an aside, Tony really was the best.  What a genuinely nice guy and it was crushing to all of us when he died.  Also in the pic is my Executive Producer Meade Cooper…and you may recognize some of the others.  (Surely you recognize Hollywood in the back row…Hollywood has traveled all over the world with us including 3 times to North Korea.)


Here is another crew pic — this time with the Former First Lady Laura Bush.  I know this was taken in the White House but I am not sure of the date.  I think it was fall 2008 and the topic was malaria …but just a guess.   I also think this was pic taken by the White House Press Photograher and not one of our OTR staff (I obviously did not take it since I am in it!)