ON THE RECORD at 10pm goes shopping in Kabul with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Afghanistan’s President Karzai?

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The more I go through our 10 years of ON THE RECORD at 10pm pictures, the more amazed I get at where Fox News Channel has sent us (including you since we take our cameras with us and there is lots of blogging.)

This pic is fun….shopping in Kabul, Afghanistan with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Karzai …well …sort of shopping with them.  The real story is that I was killing time outside the Palace while the two met inside and there were a few stands where local people were selling their goods.  I was looking at a tie for my husband when suddenly I noticed Secretary Clinton and President Karzai were standing there.  Secretary Clinton introduced me to President Karzai and he noted that I was shopping.  They both got into it and helped me pick out a tie.  The pic was snapped by an Afghani or Pakistani photographer and he later emailed it to me.)