This is not the time to ridicule … This is time to use really good judgment

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Some have ridiculed and made fun of the crying women in North Korea — crying after learning the news of the death of Kim Jong Il.  Who these women are or what circumstances under which they cry is not a good subject for ridicule.  Those who ridicule are acting ignorant — they do not understand the people of North Korea and what life has been for them for 50 years, nor do they understand the danger of this country that is armed with a nuclear weapon.  The people of North Korea – especially right not – should not be fodder for amusement or sarcasm.  This is a very serious time with real consequences — not just for citizens of North Korea but also for those who live next door (South Koreans) and Japan and the rest of the world.

What do you think?

PS –  If you think that the leadership of North Korea does not monitor every news story about them in the USA, you are dead wrong.  When I was there in May for our 3rd trip, I was confronted by 2 in leadership with a specific news story that was run WHILE I was there that had them very upset.   They made it rather uncomfortable for me.   I told them – truthfully – that I knew nothing about the news story that disturbed them since I was there with them and with no access to American news.