You got to be kidding me … and they complain about ME????

This is actually funny…very funny.   President Obama has a cozy coffee at the White House with his media friends.  Check the guest list (below) – it did not include hard hitting journalists like ABC’s Jake Tapper or FNC’s Ed Henry or others.  It is only his media friends.

A few weeks ago the New York Times, Howie Kurtz at CNN, and others were all fussed up because my husband is  just a friend (not paid, not on staff, not looking for a job, not lobbying) with Herman Cain.  He is also friends with Dems, yes, Leader Pelosi, Governor Martin O’Malley, and other Republicans, yes Speaker Gingrich, Governor Palin etc. which you know because I posted that information here on GretaWire.

 I  shrugged the criticism off because I know about ALL the others in the media whose spouses are actually are PAID by campaigns, politicians, political parties, the government and are mum about it.    The critics have no problem with it when it is themselves or their colleagues and it is money.  I also know about cozy relationships in Washington, DC and President Obama has one with some in the media (see below.)  They may call it sources. Ok.  Whatever.  

So I read with some amusement my friend Jake Tapper at ABC’s note below.  Jake is “outing” the rather cozy relationship that some have with President Obama that apparently does not now concern the New York Times (whose Frank Bruni is named), Howie Kurtz and others who are critics of mine.  


What do YOU think? and will the New York Times and others take a look at this and do some reflection?  

PS – I don’t begrudge these journalists working sources (here the President) and I would, too…I merely point out the hypocrisy of some in some news organizations criticizing me for my husband’s – not even mine –  friendships. 



By Jake Tapper

Dec 19, 2011 5:35pm

POTUS has Coffee with Progressive Media Stars


An all-star list of progressive and liberal media folks came to the White House today to chat with President Obama over coffee in the Roosevelt Room.


The group chatted with the president about economic messaging, his agenda for 2012, the various campaign arguments against different GOP candidates, the desire among some Democrats for him to highlight his foreign policy accomplishments, fighting corporate influence and the “crappiness” of the Senate filibuster , as one attendee put it.


Those there included the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent, MSNBC anchors Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes, the Nation’s editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel, the New York Times‘ Frank Bruni, and stars of the interwebs Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Faiz Shakir of ThinkProgress and Joy Reid of The Reid Report.