The 2 MONTH extension the Senate and Pres Obama are pushing is ridiculous – and selfish

Asking for an extension is another way to say, “I didn’t do my job on time or that I have simply not done my job at all.”

The Senate and President Obama want the House to accept the 2 month extension in the payroll tax cut and then re-visit the issue in 2 months.  A 2 month extension is irresponsible and selfish.

I don’t know or suggest which bill (Senate or House) is better on the total substance but I do know when politicians are avoiding their responsibilities and for selfish reasons.   I do know when a job is done and not done — the use of extensions is a clear sign a job is NOT done.  If they fail to REALLY tackle this problem – and not just a silly 2 month extension – they have really let you down.

A few points:

1/ unless they agree on the payroll tax cut, the politicians can’t go on vacation (Pres Obama to Hawaii) or if they do, they face criticism because their job is not done.  They all know this is an election year.  I sure don’t feel sorry for them.  They should have done their work.

2/ they all knew about this deadline for more than a year.  They just didn’t do their jobs so now they face a December 31 deadline.  So Americans are supposed suffer because they are inept and don’t do their work on time?  I don’t think so…they should suffer (or do their jobs.)

3/ a 2 month extension does zero — no one is going to go out and buy a washing machine and stimulate the economy with the little money saved from 2 months and with the grave uncertainty as to what will follow in 2 months.

4/ if only the 2 month extension is agreed upon and not a year, the politicians will be back in the soup on this issue in 2 months.  That means, rather than taking up other pressing American business in 2 months, they will be re-fighting this war.  That is a profound waste of time, and money.  And who pays? American citizens do.

They should all be here in Washington doing their jobs.  That is what we pay them for.

Am I wrong?