President Obama … relaxing on the golf course in Hawaii

(In case you wonder, no, being the travel White House Press Pool on Christmas is not a glamorous assignment.  Check out where Mark Landler of the New York Times is spending Christmas eve — “holding at a McDonald’s” while President Obama plays golf.  Yes, Mark, like the rest of us, are glad to have jobs but sometimes our jobs can be a bit monotonous….and sitting at a fast food restaurant just waiting can get old pretty fast.  I am sure people think the press pool is sitting on the beach…)

Subject: Pool Report #1 — Hawaii

Christmas Eve Golf


POTUS left his rental house in Kailua at 11:32, local time, and headed for his first round of golf at the Marine Corps Base in Kaneohe Bay. Weather has been dicey, with occasional showers. But the sun was shining as his motorcade made its way to the golf course.


Pool is holding at a McDonald’s on the base.




Mark Landler

NY Times