Big Hearts .. Samaritans Purse… Reverend Franklin Graham…Thousands of Volunteers and the best part of my job!

Haiti 8067

I thought you would enjoy this pic taken by a Samaritans Purse photographer when I was in Haiti over the Christmas holidays with Reverend Franklin Graham giving out Christmas gifts to children (the gifts assembled by thousands of volunteers.)

In addition to giving out gifts (which was so fun!), I took pics of the kids and the kids LOVED seeing their pics after I took them.  I don’t think they had ever seen themselves in pics before.  I don’t even recall seeing any mirrors in any of the orphanages.   In this pic, I had just taken the pic of the little girl and I was showing it to her on the LCD screen on the back of my camera. 

Without a doubt, the best part of my job is meeting people like Rev Graham and the thousands of volunteers because, through them and with them, I get to do projects like giving out gifts to children that have been assembled by thousands of good heart and big heart volunteers, and putting a media spotlight on many good things happening.

CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE GREAT PICS by the Samaritans Purse photographer….

update: In going to Samaritans Purse website to copy the address to create the link above for you, I see that my pic is currently on their front page!  That is fun!  You will also note that my FNC colleague Sean Hannity also spent some time in Haiti this holiday.  Here is the screen shot: