Where is President Obama? (and see what the President says about the GOP debates)

Below is the latest White House Press Pool report:


Subject: Print pool #7.. Second NYC fundraiser



At 6:14 p.m., Obama entered a smaller room at Daniel for the second

fundraiser. He spoke in the center of six dinner tables, making remarks and

then taking questions. See previous report for details on audience.


Highlights (pls check transcript):


Goes through accomplishments similar to first speech. Says “economy is

getting closer to where were before the financial crisis struck”


“Part of our job is to tell a story about all the things we’ve gotten done

so peole understand change is possible” but says also have to tell a story

about all things still have to do.


Says this election represent a starker choice than I’m 2008.


Of GOP, he says: “If you’ve been watching the debates, they’ve moved I’ve

stayed here. They’ve gone the other direction.”


Mentions cordray appointment and says must solve the fiscal crisis in a way

that’s fair and balanced.


“This is a big deal, this race and I’m very confident about our

prospect…. I believe we’re going to win”


Asks audience to “step up” and support him and vision that it is important

to give everybody an opportunity.


“I hope you are ready to go” (woman responds “fired up”)


“I want your ideas and your time and your effort and if you give me that I

promise you I’m going to be working harder than I did in 2008.”


Pool ushered out before Q and A at about 6:25 pm and we are holding across

street at restaurant Match 65. For us in the bubble, has anything

interesting happened on the GOP side today?


— 30 —


David Nakamura

The Washington Post