WH Press Secretary Jay Carney on President Obama’s meeting with Gov. Brewer


Check out these notes from my FNC colleague Jennifer Suzara…White House Press Secretary Jay Carney answers questions from reporters about President Obama’s meeting with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer yesterday.



Q. president’s version of what happened with the arizona governor yesterday

15:36:08 the president was very excited to be in AZ . when he arrived, the governor was there to greet him. she appreciated that. she handed him a letter which she described as invitation to have a meeting. the president said he’d be glad to meet with her. he noted that their last meeting, which was very cordial but reported differently in her book. the president is focused on what he can do help the country’s economy grow and that includes AZ. he’s obviously also focused on the issue of immigration. and illegal immigration which is why he – under his administration, we have more boots on the ground and fewer illegals crossing. and that track record is very important.


Q. representation that it got testy is not accurate?

15:37:15 some of this is political theater to some degree i guess. the president simply noted when her book came out, it got a lot of attention, i assume for the same reasons this is getting attention. her description of that meeting is not accurate. didn’t happen in the meeting in the oval office which by the way the governor as i understand it, herself, immediately after the meeting described it as cordial to reporters so the president works with all governors across  the country on the important issues they face and he can help them with in terms of growing the economy and helping with the specific issues.


Q. critcizing the president. not to overbroaden the brewer incident but it indicates the partisanship is too early to work together

15:38:24 i think it’s getting overblown. it’s not a very big deal at all. the president is out traveling to 5 states here in the country to talk about the issues about putting out a blueprint to build an american economy that is built to last and he’s talking about specific initiatives involving american manufacturing, american energy, inaudible and he’s going to take that message around the country.


15:39:08 as i noted before if you took off the map of the united states every state that’s supposedly a battleground state and said the president for a year or for however long, can’t travel there, you know, puts ??? in the very small portion of the country. the fact of the matter is – arizona and michigan, i think in 2008 elections, the president lost AZ by 7 or 8 points – 6 or 7. he won MI by 17 points. so you know ist that the range between which the president can’t travel? he’ll go all around the country to talk about the important initiatives that he’s putting forward to grow the economy and create jobs. to build a foundation – an economic foundation for an america built to last. inaudible


Q. brewer said president cut her short, walked away. was president frustrated?

15:40:23 you guys are giving this incident far too much importance. they talked on the tarmac, he was glad the governor was there to greet him. he received her letter. they had a brief discussion. there were people he went to shake hands with as he does everywhere he lands. i really assume you have more important issues to cover than this.